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5 Really Great Reasons To Play People’s Postcode Lottery

If you don’t know much about People’s Postcode Lottery, we are a subscription based lottery where players can win prizes every day. From every £2 ticket, 40p is given to good causes across Britain, so everyone’s a winner! Why play? Read on for our 5 reasons why you most definitely should!

1. Prizes every day. Really! Monday to Friday, you can win £1,000 per ticket you play with. On Saturday, you have the chance to win £10,000 per ticket. On Sunday, 6,000 postcodes win £5 each. That’s not all though, once a month, one lucky player wins a car! So your chances of winning the lottery are actually not too bad…

2. Not content with offering prizes every single day of the week, we also do Postcode Millions draws throughout the year, where players in one lucky postcode sector win a share of a massive prize pot. Our last two draws were for a whopping £2 Million. Just last weekend, Jacqui Howell of Newport, Wales won £333,333 in our Postcode Millions draw. And when you thought there couldn’t be any more prizes, we have a European Postcode Millions too!

3. By playing People’s Postcode Lottery, you are supporting a wide range of charities, good causes and community projects. Money raised by players supports:

  • Children 1st
  • Missing People
  • Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres
  • Woodland Trust
  • WWF
  • Children North East
  • Canal & River Trust
  • Daisy Chain
  • Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
  • Among many more

The money also funds a fabulous trust called People’s Postcode Trust, which is a small grant-giving organisation. It issues smaller projects with funding which can help them realise their goals. An example of the type of project People’s Postcode Trust has funded is the Football Memories Project. This is a wonderful initiative from Alzheimer Scotland, where volunteers are trained to use historic football nostalgia to stimulate memories in football fans with dementia.

4. We work together with People’s Postcode Trust and selected charities to do campaigns like Vote that Counts. The Vote that Counts is a wonderful idea where 6 charities take part in an online campaign where the public vote for their favourite and whoever gets the most votes wins £15,000 funding. Two runners up also receive grants. It makes a huge difference to smaller local charities.

5. Let’s not forget that it’s fun to play! There are plenty of benefits for players too. Having an account on our website will grant you access to exclusive offers and deals. We also run competitions on our website for a variety of different prizes. Previous prizes have included LCD TVs, iPads, and wildlife safari tours. We like to think that we give our players a great experience being part of our lottery.

Obviously we’re biased, but there are not many lotteries out there where you can win big money and still give so much to charity. It’s a great way to boost your bank balance, and support wonderful causes across Great Britain. If you feel like our “5 really great reasons to play People’s Postcode Lottery” were convincing enough, why not sign up today?

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