Give London A Hug

Sometimes you just need a hug!

Sometimes you just need a hug! Photo by Julie McLeod

When times are tough, sometimes a hug is just what you need. Our supported charity, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, knows this – and with the recent trouble in London, hugs are needed more than ever! That’s why they’ve planned the “Hug London” event for Friday 19 August.

Maggie’s understands and values the positive effects that people can experience from their surroundings and buildings. Maggie’s Cancer Caring centres are warm, friendly and informal – a refuge from the stress of hospitals and waiting rooms. With their focus on providing relaxing, home-like environments, Maggie’s staff and members found it especially upsetting to see people’s homes and property being destroyed during the recent riots in England.

To help put people at ease, Maggie’s is inviting people to peacefully show how much they love the city and that London is a safe and beautiful place to live.

The charity is inviting people to gather to “Hug London” at City Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames on Friday 19 August. The event is free and everyone who can attend (no matter their age) is welcome to take part. At 12.30pm, attendees will be invited to give City Hall a hug before walking along the South Bank, a route that will be part of Maggie’s London Night Hike on Friday 16 September.

To find out more about the event over the coming days you can visit and If people cannot attend but want to take part, they can add pictures of themselves hugging buildings of importance to them to the Hug London Facebook page, or to Twitter using the hashtag #huglondon.

People’s Postcode Lottery is proud of the support our players give to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. To date, our players have raised more than £1,897,094 for this fantastic charity.

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