Top Lifestyle Trends for 2010

The Scotsman has identified the top lifestyle trends for 2010- read on to find out what’s set to float our boat, the fad’s louis-vuitton-bunny-earswe’ll fancy and the crazes we’re no longer, well, crazy about….
2009 was all shoulder pads, strange dining experiences (Heston Blumenthal anyone?)and bizarre variations on leggings. 2010 is set to reinvent the wheel with more fads, fashions and fascinations to come.

Obesity has proved to be an issue weighing (no pun intended) on our minds. The British population is gradually getting larger, but as we enter a new decade it’s fitness that’s the future. Sure, the latter years of the Noughties brought us special calorie burning footwear, power plates and spinning, but the coming months will see us focus more on the staple styles of exercise that have creeped into the mainstream of culture over the last ten years. Pilates,  yoga and personal training, as well as the occasional boot camp for the desperate. What with the economy even less fit than we are, exercising is likely to become a more social habit, as we eschew expensive gyms for jogs around the park with friends.

As often friend as it can be foe, many a victim will breathe a sigh of relief to hear the most extremes of 2009- towering heels, over-structured dresses, the insufferable harem pant- have been banished, with a return to good old flats, a comfy look complimented with a feminine touch- florals, minimalism and pastel colours. On the other hand, bunny ears made an appearance on the most recent Louis Vuitton catwalk show, while cycling shorts are also touted to raise their ugly heads (or should we say legs). How the ‘size zero’ vs. ‘larger models’ debate will pan out is anybody’s guess- watch this space.

Turkey twizzlers? Luckily, we can leave Jamie’s School Dinners in the past and embrace the new craze is dining in chez vous. 2010 will be all about the soiree, the dinner party and at-home entertaining. It’s a trend for every social butterfly, saving cash as we revert back to comforting old favourites. Last year saw sales of Baked Alaska sky rocket, and they’re set to stay that way.

What with spending more time in the home (while exercising to the latest Pilates video, wining and dining to impress and wearing on-trend pastel coloured pumps), it’s inevitable the world of interiors gets a mention here. Sustainability is key, in particularly second hand furniture with character and a story. Not the self assembled ‘bookcase-for-a-tenner’ for us Brits- we’re looking for pieces that will last, retro pieces and a sprinkle of eclectic charm.

And with sustainable home ware comes a shock for those who embraced the environmentally friendly, economy-boosting ‘staycation’ of yesteryear.  Apparently experts are predicting that 2010 is the year where luxury tourism will again start to flourish, with customised trips, a taste for the exotic and niche cruises. However, home swaps, too, will be on the rise as people attempt to balance out the luxuries and save money of crippling hotels.

Finally: beauty. Make-up in 2009 varied from baby-faced simplicity to strong lipsticks, while 2010 will see technology take a battle of our nails with hi-tech transfers in intricate patterns, messy hair, bold eyebrows and even (gulp) shaved heads. And most interestingly, research conducted by Mintel suggests that ‘mood beauty’ (where products will contain chemicals to improve our mood) will reign supreme in 2010.

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